Saturday, 7 March 2015


In memory of Gilles Boissonneault 1951-2015
(February 28th, 2015)

The gentle morning breeze caught the gossamer threads casting Grayson and Griffin in flight soaring above Bluegate and beyond…Lila watched the spiderlings drift along the currents of air that had taken them from the cattail by the side of the pond. Grayson and Griffin were together at first, but as they rose into the space above the water Lila saw how the air currents began to draw them apart. A spiderling’s journey was one that may begin in tandem but would very quickly transfer course with the slightest change in the air current. In that moment, Lila shifted her attention, for these times of thanatosis were also when she could retreat into quiet reflection. As an observer of the lives of the beings around the pond she was fascinated by the unknown expeditions that would whisk beings away to unknown destinations and fates… Such was the case with Grayson, as Lila watched him soar higher into the sky, until he had completely disappeared from her view. Griffin had landed close by and was taking calculated steps to discover his new surroundings. But now, Grayson was simply a memory, one that Lila could revisit in her times of reflection about that first moment of Grayson’s maiden flight when his gossamer silk carried him away from Bluegate.

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