Sunday, 15 June 2014

This is no Dragon!

Here is just a little blurb from one of the new Beautiful Creatures characters…

It seemed only fitting to share him on Father’s Day!

He was an unusual fellow. His upper body like that of a stone statue kept him cloaked within his ocean habitat as he watched carefully with his eyes that independently investigated his surroundings. The static curvature of his head and body were divergent to the graceful mouvement of his tail as he gently wrapped it around the swaying sea grass.

There were three different herds of his particular kind the Knysna, Swartvlei and Keurbooms. Knysna was the native home of all these herds whereas the Swartvlei and Keurbooms herds were newer settlements. It was the beginning of the summer breeding season and his partner had just transferred her eggs to his pouch. He would carry them for the next three weeks before giving birth to several young. During his pregnancy he would become quite sedentary for weeks at a time. However, his mate would make daily visits to be with him. He loved and looked forward to these circadian encounters which helped to reinforce their bond. Her visits would also ensure that they were reproductively in harmony during the summer months. The diurnal sacred dance with his lifelong mate was his favourite part of the day. They would come together entwining their tails in a gentle union as she would tell him of her happenings since last they had danced together…

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