Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Talented Miss Mariska

Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons
Her freedom was thanks to her stable mate Mariska. Amore’s spirit was broken when she had been placed in the confines of her stall. Her essence had been battered to the point that she accepted her imprisoned fate without a struggle. A few years had passed devoid of the companionship of another and she grew accustomed to the routine of the day in the barn. The door would open with the rising sun. A sudden flash of light would blind her as she slowly felt the warm air spill in with the sun’s rays. The clank of the gate was a signal that she would soon have the weight of the saddle upon her and the tightening of the straps before the stirrups felt to her sides. She enjoyed the preparation that happened prior to the discomfort of the gear that made her feel even more trapped, like the hard cold bit that pulled unpleasantly at her jaw.

Today was different… With the clank of the gate she edged forward in anticipation for the grooming that always came before the placement of the riding gear only to be greeted by another horse being escorted into her stall. This new horse was smaller in stature than Amore but far livelier. It was not long before Mariska’s mischievous behaviour had Amore intrigued and reignited her passion for adventure!  

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