Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Sharing a breath

When their eyes met in that moment it was hard to maintain her calmness… Their reunification slowly materialised after years apart. She had traveled an unfathomable journey through vast landscapes hoof upon the ground one day to the next and along the paths made from the scars on her heart.

She had not imagined that this would be her initial response, an apprehension, but so much had happened along her travels in life to bring her to this point. It was like she was still within the dream that had kept her alive along the journey that brought her to this final moment. Now side by side, Amore was at peace, and every painful wound of her past fell away with that first moment when they shared a breath. The slow nickering of her excitement of the being reunited with Amado was hard to contain but the flood of her emotions overtook her that first moment that she realised she was home… 

That memory would now be one that would forever haunt her.

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