Saturday, 3 May 2014

Her curiousity was both a gift and in the end a curse…

“Your mother was a daredevil” was how Seymour introduced William to the story of his parents.

When Neo and Mandisa first arrived at Bluegate they were completely out of their element. Neo quickly connected with some of the local dragonflies but the wild stories of adventurous migrations segregated them both from the others. Neo was a great storyteller, much like Tom, but it was hard to believe that a mere dragonfly could make of such fantastic journey. Just their own adventure to the pond stirred disbelief among the Bluegate community…

Neo and Mandisa both remained motionless among the shipment of bananas when the blast of light cut through the darkness of the crate. They had been imprisoned for two days. The air was different in this new environment. Neo flicked his wings and was the first to emerge. There was a lot of hustle and bustle in this shiny metallic milieu where a whole new breed of slow-movers populated the space. Cautiously, Mandisa followed Neo’s lead. Flashes of light gleaned off the shiny triangles wielded by the slow-movers as large vividly colourful shapes were transformed into little multi-coloured squares. The broader surroundings of the room were similar to the packing shed where Mandisa and Neo had raced a few days back. But the atmosphere was thick. Neo noticed the light at the one side of the room and the current of air that flowed in from that direction aerating the room ever so slightly.

“Follow me” he said.

Neo and Mandisa darted through the reflective room until they breached the threshold into the sunlight. They were face to face with a brick wall that dripped with foliage. 

Neo darted toward the sky and hovered above Mandisa. Nothing but greenery and what seemed like multiple packing sheds. Where had they ended up?  

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