Sunday, 20 April 2014

Mad as a March Hare

Flitzen was a tender-hearted dreamer.

It was a splendid Sunday afternoon that brought her to a whole new warren beyond anything she could have ever dreamed up in her own mind… It was unusual for her to venture out during the light of day. But Flitzen had been seeking the solace of daylight and decided that she would enjoy the warmth among the wildflowers in the clearing of Richmond Park.

John Fielding [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
She was a charming Belgian Hare that was often lost in thought. And, although she was quite solitary, she did enjoy the company of one who could arouse her inspirations. However, more recently Flitzen had attracted the unsolicited attention of various amorous males and this was one of the reasons she had decided to seek sanctuary in the sunshine. On this particular afternoon, she was enjoying an imaginary adventure with a new companion. Although he was similar in his stature there were a few differences between the two that she would soon learn in reality. She gently hopped away from her nest and went along sniffing at the flowers and grazing the clover hidden within the grass.

Suddenly she felt a surge of electricity run through her driving her instinct to bolt! She stood straight up as her long elegant ears oriented toward the sound of the oncoming danger and with a powerful thrust of her hind limbs Flitzen scarpered forward. It wasn’t long before she discovered the origins of what had set off her reflex to flee. A large dog had quickly gained momentum and was closing in on her before she jerked to the left and continued to increase her gate. She came to a stop for a moment standing straight up once more to assess the chase and caught sight of the dog as it once again picked up her scent. Flitzen tapped her hind leg furiously on the ground but there was no response. She hightailed it out of the clearing and with a hairpin turn she came across a hole in the ground and dove in just as the dog’s snout grazed the tip of her tail… 

It seemed that she had escaped the chase but now found herself in the dark and damp underground network and face to face with Schatz… 

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