Sunday, 9 February 2014

Birthday Retrospective

My father sent me this story that I wrote as a child. I have always been fascinated by other species, from the infinite to the small... While the story of The Last Ant is most likely an anthropomorphic tale that speaks of loneliness, it is reflective of the connection that children feel across species. As we go through life we often sever these ties. We draw a line between who feels and who does not. Many would argue against anthropomorphic representations of other species. However, I think in the context of teaching children a holistic approach to kindness, respect and love, the representations offer a path that creates a greater bond of understanding. As I currently work through my own writing and stories, I am mindful about anthropomorphic representations that reflect unnatural behaviours in the species whose character I am developing. However, I do my very best as a human to enter into the world of another being through research and observation in the hopes that my own work will bring together a holistic understanding of those beings with whom we share this world...

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