Saturday, 22 February 2014

Star light Star bright...

By Laszlo1801 (Own work) [<a href="">CC-BY-SA-3.0</a>], <a href="">via Wikimedia Commons</a>
Kingsley the charismatic African male had recently been missing his companion when he noticed Myani that evening. She was a reserved yet friendly soul. She had had a long day’s journey prior to her encounter with Kingsley. And so, it was a delightful chance meeting that united them along the same path. 

When she met Kingsley it had been at the tail end of the distress of been severed from her own kin. Myani had missed the companionship that came with being in tandem with another. So, when Kingsley had reached out to her with his good-natured chirps, she was at first flattered by the friendly engagement. She hesitated before accepting the emotional contagion but then mirrored the sentiment with a heartfelt smile. Myani and Kingsley seemed almost immediately drawn to the other and adept in their reception of this emotional contagion as the interplay of their engagement was effortlessly fluid. His reassuring chirps had attracted her to him and his gentle eyes deeply kept her own gaze. They had been surrounded by a passing herd but remained profoundly fixated on each other. As they traveled what would be a short distance together, Myani felt that warmth of spirit grow within her. She was in tune with these brief moments that would lift her soul to help guide her throughout life’s passages. Some of these moments endured and could be savoured through peaceful harmonious bonds while others needed to be quickly recognised before they became a memory. This was a moment that Myani thought may well be fleeting. As she acknowledged the transience of her connection with Kingsley she fell quickly into immersing herself completely in the happiness of the journey.

Nevertheless, there was urgency in maintaining their bond as the herd began to separate her from Kingsley. He shifted his weight and tentatively held out his trunk in an effort to gain Myani’s reassurance that this moment could be reclaimed once more. She was unable to respond as she was carried off in the wave of the herd. Yet, Myani hoped that in that brisk final instant that Kingsley was able to grasp the contentment he had brought her from the twinkle in her gaze under the darkness of the night…

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Birthday Retrospective

My father sent me this story that I wrote as a child. I have always been fascinated by other species, from the infinite to the small... While the story of The Last Ant is most likely an anthropomorphic tale that speaks of loneliness, it is reflective of the connection that children feel across species. As we go through life we often sever these ties. We draw a line between who feels and who does not. Many would argue against anthropomorphic representations of other species. However, I think in the context of teaching children a holistic approach to kindness, respect and love, the representations offer a path that creates a greater bond of understanding. As I currently work through my own writing and stories, I am mindful about anthropomorphic representations that reflect unnatural behaviours in the species whose character I am developing. However, I do my very best as a human to enter into the world of another being through research and observation in the hopes that my own work will bring together a holistic understanding of those beings with whom we share this world...

Saturday, 1 February 2014

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