Saturday, 25 January 2014

Incorporeal Bond

Since leaving the confines of her domesticated existence Amore had felt a freedom that had stirred within her this new feeling of anxiety. A few nights after her initial escape Amore banded with a bachelor herd. Her dorsal striping revealed her feral origins but the domestic existence in which she had matured reflected a strength and health that was not seen in most of the other feral mares. 

Her calmness and stoicism had earned her respect from the herd. In her new matriarchal role, she maintained her grace but her intensity and the disquiet that welled within her slowly escaped in the nighttime dreaming when she bonded with Amado. She knew this uneasiness had caused a ripple effect that pulled at the invisible seams that had initially bonded them. The herd had provided some of the subtle comforts that maintained her drive but none had stirred within her the intensity like Amado. It would not be much longer until that moment when dreams would become a reality. 

Feral (wild) horses of the Namib By Gerald de Beer
She had envisioned the interlocking of their necks and the profound encounter of sharing a breath for many moons but now she equally feared it. She had run toward Amado, perhaps as an escape, and now she felt a rift growing as the days drew nearer, perchance an echo of her own hesitation. This incorporeal union had initially given her strength, to dream, to pursue, but the confusion of her new unfamiliar freedom was weighing heavy on her soul. 

Feral (wild) horses of the Namib By Gerald de Beer
During these times Amore would shift her three beat canter to the gait of a four beat gallop and dash ahead of the herd. This was an attempt to achieve that speed that would melt away the reality around her, to gain that space where she could lose herself so deeply … The herd would try to follow closely in these times, but none was able to maintain her stride…

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