Saturday, 30 November 2013


“A final comfort that is small, but not cold: The heart is the only broken instrument that works.”

― T.E. Kalem

As she stared across the wide expanse of the dry desert landscape she longed to be bonded once more with the pieces in her that were still missing. The barren plains of her ancestral homeland were a harsh and unforgiving place. Amore knew her Amado was waiting for her. She could feel the pull of the calling deep within her soul. 

As her hooves struck the cracked dirt it stirred up clouds of dust like the memories of the past and dreams of the future. She continued her stride, as with each step she could feel the rhythmic union growing stronger as they drew nearer to one another. She longed for that moment, that single instant in suspended reality when their necks interlocked in a twist of playful excited nuzzling or the intimate request of sharing a breath. 

These thoughts welled in her that low and soft nickering expression of her happiness. She had been captured for too long and needed to break free from the bridle that had restricted her for many years.

However, although she was going toward her true origins, she feared that she may remain close in the coupling, but like two species bonded, the divide between them would keep at bay the reality that they could ever fuse.

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