Friday, 11 October 2013

Flightless Beast

It was mid-January and on the tail end of the rains when William made it to the African coast. He was exhausted from the journey. As he settled in to rest for the night he could feel the uneven rhythm of the raindrops as the shook the foliage that surrounded him. Thinking about the distance of the travel that he had accomplished was a lot to absorb. The adventure had been one dotted with flashes of sorrow, but equally with playful interludes and moments of joy and excitement. The African forests reflected the supports and comforts that he had overcome on his voyage to the coast. The forests in which he now found himself were like green islands sanctuaries in a vast golden sea. His life at Bluegate now seemed so far away. His missed the familiarity of the pond now more than ever. Although he had said goodbye and would never see the beings that had given him the courage to continue on his quest, he did have his memories. As William thought back to the stories that Seymour had told him about the great migration, this is what had kept him strong when he felt that he could no longer go on.

Just then he felt a shudder radiate through the branch upon which he was resting for the night. Far larger than any raindrop, this shudder nearly knocked him from his perch. Again, again, again and again… The pounding grew closer and closer in a four beat sequence until he noticed a shift in the light cast from the moon. And, before he could even focus his attention, he caught sight of the enormous creature as he trudged along passed William's new leafy accommodation.

Along his journey William had met many creatures. However, this was probably one of the most remarkable. Looking at this huge lumbering beast, William wondered why he moved so slowly when he had what looked like two large wings attached to his body that flapped, but that did not seem to take him into the air...

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