Saturday, 14 September 2013

Living Kaleidoscopes

One not need look far to be inspired by the beauty of nature

I am lucky to be surrounded by so many talented and amazing people that share common interests and connection with the natural world that surrounds and is a part of us all. Every once and a while I am reminded of the lovely work that they do, and so I wanted to take a moment to share this with all of you…

Scrub Jay in Watercolour By Emily Soden
In no particular order, the first I will begin with is Elsa Mora. She does some absolutely lovely paper-cutting work but one of my favourite images is of a girl and a dragonfly that you can find in her drawings gallery. Next is Emily Soden, who comes from an extremely talented group of siblings, and her character illustrations echo childhood memories of animal characters and wild imaginations.  A couple of the soulful paintings by Britt Fuller can be seen here and John Viljoen’s landscapes will lead you into a visual escape from all the chaos that may surround you or you may simply like to gaze at the amazingly vivid portraits and wildlife images by Tom Middleton.

Along my journey working on the Beautiful Creatures project I have also come across a fair number of wonderful artists and writers. One of my favourites is Liz Climo. Her charming illustrations are peppered with colourfully imaginative commentary. Her illustrated animals speak to with real life issues in a light homouristic way that is bound to brighten your day. She references childhood stories, fables and games which create a delightful collection that is sure to bring back your fondest memories. One of my favourite of her illustrations is of Larry the Narwhal, a species I have written about myself. All the while, James Suhr teaches some important lessons with his charming and amusing animal sketches. Meanwhile, Jo Marshall’s Twig Stories will take you on a delightful adventure captivating you through D.W. Murray’s spectacular illustrations.

This is just a brief selection… However, I hope it will encourage you to gaze around your own web to appreciate all the creative influences that inspire you.

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