Friday, 23 August 2013

The enchanted tree of voices

Bluegate pond was relatively secluded from the concrete ground cover that was slowly engulfing the scarce greenery of this diverse habitat of interconnected lives. However, the gentle urban drone was increasingly penetrating the forest wall. Nonetheless, despite its proximity to the city, the pond was relatively quiet, and from time to time the odd new visitor would fall upon this natural oasis of peace. For the most part, people would flock to the larger parks like Richmond and Wimbledon, where there were wide expanses for their companions to run in pursuit of one another under the warm summer sun.

However, now and again, children may wander into the thicket of greenery that protected Bluegate from most passers-by. Little Benjamin was one of those visitors that had discovered the pond on his afternoon adventures into the park that bordered his Parkside home. Benjamin was at that lovely age where inventiveness could be inspired by the slightest sounds, where sticks were swords and the rustling of the leaves was the arrival of invisible dragons…
On this particular day, Benjamin had run to the edge of the pond to search for magic stones to ward off these invisible dragons. He had begun his quest at the enchanted tree of voices making his offering of the glass berries to the inhabitants for their magic potions. As he drew near to the edge of the pond, he knew that he may not have enough time to find the stones that could only be collected in twilight…

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