Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Gossamer Adventure

As the sun rose, Lila would search for a great spot hidden beneath the leaves where she would spend a motionless day of watching the comings and goings of the residents of Bluegate Pond. She was much like any of the other dwellers that lived by, around and in the pond. She knew about family histories, and had witnessed both joys and tragedies. But Lila didn’t have the luxury of time like some of the others to learn about all the stories that made up this vibrant community of beings. Rather, her knowledge came from patient observations during her daytime “thanatosis”, otherwise known as “death feigning”. As the sun would break through the clouds, Lila would fold her legs and antenna close to her body so as to mimic a stick. This position helped keep her safe from her many predators around the pond.

In the early morning hours when Lila was settling in to her safe spot for the day, she began her routine of motionlessly watching the other beings as they went about their daily regimes. On this particular morning, it was a nice breezy day at the pond and two male spiderlings were preparing for their aeronautical adventure. Lila remained still, and watched as each spiderling slowly and gently extended a limb as though to test the wind direction. As they stretched out “tiptoed” on the tip of a cattail, both spiderlings raised their abdomens to the air and began to release their gossamer silk threads, creating the parachute that would balloon them to their new destination. 

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