Saturday, 8 June 2013


After the frantic realisation that she had been lost, the running through one forest to another and along unknown paths, Molly was exhausted from the day’s adventures. As she drank and quenched her thirst all she could muster up the energy for was to find a safe and comfortable spot to sleep. She took a few more laps of water and stepped back from the pond. The sun had almost completely set at this point, and the sky was a deep red on the horizon. She stood quietly by the water for a moment and looked around. The moonlight reflected on the pond enabling Molly to see her surroundings a little bit better. She could also see that the bird that had led her to the pond was just a few steps away. He was wading in the water and taking a drink himself.

“I don’t think I told you my name, but I’m Molly” she said.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Molly. My name is Jet” replied the bird.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“Why, you are at Bluegate Pond!” Jet replied.

“I am so tired, is this where you meant for me to sleep?” she asked, her body slumped from fatigue.

“Look over there, there is a hollowed out tree where you can lie down and rest” answered Jet.

Molly glanced over to the wooded area next to the water and made her way to the hollowed out tree that that Jet had brought to her attention. It was dark and the air was damp. She sniffed at the inside walls of this natural den that would be her bedroom for the night and started to circle and scratch at the ground. As Molly patted down a bed for herself with this circular dance, beetles and spiders scurried for safety towards the edges of the hollowed tree. A few more steps should do it, and around she went once more until she plopped down and sank into the softness of the decaying vegetation beneath her.

“Hrrmphh!” Molly let out a wearied breath as her eyes gently glanced upwards to the open sky and the twinkling of fireflies above…
It had been a long day, and with all the uncertainty of being separated from Lucy, Molly was relieved to be lying down for a rest. Tomorrow she would continue on her quest, but for now she desperately needed to sleep. Closing her eyes, Molly could hear the gentle sounds of rustling leaves, the croaking of the toads in the pond and the rhythmic chirp of crickets. Gently she faded away from the outside world and welcomed a deep slumber. Molly’s legs began to twitch and she let out a few little whimpers as she relived the day’s adventures in dream.

“Kronk! Kronk!” Jet called out.

Molly woke with a jolt. Looking from side to side her gaze finally fell upon Jet. It felt as though she has only closed her eyes a moment ago but the sky was beginning to brighten with the new day. She felt an empty pit in her belly. She was famished!

“Kronk! Molly!” said Jet. “Up you get! If you want to settle that hunger we have to be up early to find something to eat!” he ordered.

Molly got to her feet, stretching her legs one at a time and then she took a deep bow and stretched out her neck with a relaxed groan. A little shake, and she was ready to go!

“Where are we going to find something to eat?” she asked.

“Well that is where the search begins, and you have to be up at the crack of dawn before everything is gone!” Jet informed Molly.

So off they went to circle the pond when Molly caught a glimpse of something in the reeds. Her head sunk and paralleled her spine as she took gentle calculated steps toward the edge of the pond. Jet watched closely thinking that perhaps she may know more than he thought. As she approached the reeds she carefully gauged each step until, pounce! She disappeared into the stalks and stems that lined the water’s edge. Jet swayed back and forth in quiet excitement of her hunting prowess when suddenly Molly’s head popped up with a big toad whose webbed feet dangled from her mouth.

“Kronck!” shrieked Jet.

In tandem with Andrei’s deep bark as he witnessed the scene.

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