Saturday, 18 May 2013

Under a Blanket of Stars

April's last blog post left off with Molly at the busy intersection of the A3. Last week I posted my mind map for the character development of the ravens. And so, this week I thought I would share with you one of the feathered personalities from the Beautiful Creatures series.

Under a Blanket of Stars...

As she walked along Molly soaked in her surroundings. She absorbed the moistness of the air, felt the softness of the ground beneath her pads and was overwhelmed by all the smells! Molly’s nose was flooded with the scent of countless different leaves, rotting vegetation and the many woodland creatures that lived and traveled along the same path she was following. All of these fresh experiences distracted her from the hunger and thirst that she had felt when she was walking on the hard concrete alongside the traffic. She continued down the path as it grew dense with trees and then noticed that she was once again coming close to an opening in the forest. It seemed quite similar to the park she had been playing in earlier in the day with Lucy but now the sky was starting to darken. Oh Lucy, she sat down sighing heavily and whimpered softly. Molly paused for a moment and then resumed her trek along this unknown path.

“Kronck! Kronck!” called out a big black bird above her.

Startled, Molly turned around to locate the being that was making such a loud racket.

“Kronck! Up here! Above you! Look up! Look up!” shouted the big black bird.

Molly gazed up as the bird swooped down. The bird perched in a tree just above Molly and twitched his head from side to side as he looked at her.

“What are you doing alone in these parts?” said the bird.

Molly recounted her adventures in the park with Lucy and how she got separated from Lucy when she chased the hare.

“Hmmm, I see.” said the bird.

“And now, I’m just so tired.” said Molly.

Molly lay down in the path. The bird glided down from his perch and pecked her on the head. Molly recoiled in surprise and looked at him hesitantly.

“You can’t sleep there!” cried the bird. “Follow me! I will show you a good place nearby to rest and get a drink” he stated.

She got to her feet and quickly picked up her pace to keep up. He was right! It was just a few minutes away when the path opened up to a shimmering pond. Molly clumsily splashed through the reeds and lapped up the cool refreshing water…

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