Friday, 3 May 2013

All Aboard! get the tube for his daily commute to the city, Andrei had to follow the grassy path along the A219. It was a relatively pleasant trot if he got up early and beat the morning rush hour. Once he reached High Street, there was a little more hustle and bustle with the streets now lined with shops and cafés as opposed to the tranquility of the tree-lined path closer to Bluegate pond. When the Dog and Fox, a local pub, was in sight, Andrei knew he had to navigate the roundabout and make his way to Church Road. High Street was by far the most stimulating part of the route, and one could easily get distracted with all the action! However, upon turning onto Church Road there was a little less energy and excitement as the cafés turned into local galleries, and the pubs became homes for the people that scurried around High Street. If it was a nice day, and Andrei had risen before the traffic, he would often continue along Church Road and hop on the tube at Southfields.

However, today he was running a little late since having met Molly, and he decided that the route along Arthur Road to Wimbledon Park Station would probably be the best choice. The nice part about taking the tube at Southfields was that one could stop along the way in Wimbledon Park and take a swim in the lake on those hot summer mornings. But for today, Andrei continued along Arthur Road to Wimbledon Park station. Since this was to be her first trip on the tube, Arthur Road was definitely a better choice with Molly. It had the wider walkways and usually less traffic.Once Andrei saw the roundabout in the distance along Arthur Road, he knew this was the cue that they were almost there! He could tell that Molly was tired and a little out of sorts from the morning trot... 

"One more block and then we will be able to rest Molly" she looked up at him with uncertainty; "it's just on the other side of the roundabout." 

Wimbledon Park Station was a red brick building with several chimneys and a news shop at the front facing the street. There were a group of swirly stands spilling out postcards that stood in the front of the shop window. Andrei and Molly crossed the threshold of the building and made their way down the staircase to the platform below. Andrei remembered his first trip on the tube, the unfamiliar noises, strange faces and smells. 

"It's okay Molly, you'll see, once we get on we'll be able to lay down and rest for a bit."
He had to keep reminding himself how new this was for her. Perhaps today they would simply explore the area around Putney. It was a shorter ride and this way she could get used to this box that would close its doors, shakes a little and opens them to a whole new place. Besides, the area around East Putney Station was as good as any for finding a good meal. There were school kids ready to toss you a chunk of their afternoon sandwich when you tilted your head at just the right angle, or kebab stands where a well-timed bark could startle a customer into dropping their warm lunch!  

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