Saturday, 9 March 2013

SCUBA Anyone?

Last week I revealed that there are several other cast members that will grace the pages of my story… Due to the lack of parental involvement in dragonfly species, the main character for my story will need to rely on the surrounding beings that he/she encounters in life and along his/her migratory journey. Today, I will introduce to you one of those characters. However, the first matter of business is, to ask you, the public, if you have a preference for a male or female dragonfly in the leading role. Please take a moment to visit this link or my personal website and cast your vote.

Now, onto our first introduction… Dragonflies begin their lives in aquatic environments. In this first ecosystem, our main character will meet several living beings in this surrounding watery setting. Yet, one of these characters is a very special spider, the diving bell spider. It’s special in that it spends most of its life underwater, but not without the help of a very unique ability. In order for this spider to survive underwater it must carry with it an oxygen tank! This air supply is collected by trapping air in its abdominal hairs during brief visits to the surface and creating a bell-shaped web to act as an oxygen tank. This diving bell spider is known as Seymour (in honour of Roger Seymour one of the researchers that studied the oxygen dynamics the diving bell spider, Argyroneta aquatic). Now although Seymour would normally be the prey of dragonfly larvae, his distinctiveness will allow him to be a mentor to our main character. Seymour will be the guide that helps our dragonfly transition from his/her watery birthplace to the world above the surface…

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I love hearing all the ideas that you would like to contribute to this project. Please feel free to comment below. As always, I look forward to reading all your comments!

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