Saturday, 30 June 2018

Resplendent Reunion

Ending June with a splash of resplendent colour from the deep, smooth and slow sounds of the feathered suitor's serenade at Love Wins.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

The End... ~The Doors

The finish line is in sight of my month-long challenge ♥️ I spent the afternoon enjoying what is becoming my Sunday routine along the seawall.

I have added the last update to my fundraiser and I'll be back at the end of June starting up my animal alphabet with the letter Q in Love Wins ♥️

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

May Challenge

Week One ✅

While Mino enjoys just laying in the sun I think she's loving the extra runs and having fun ☺️ Just a little under half my goal! Thanks for the support so far ♥️😊

If you'd like to donate and help me to reach my goal, click here 😊

Week Two ✅

The fundraising site doesn't have the option to upload photos but I have been using a fun little app that has within in it group challenges and races that you can sign up for every week. Living on an island I am a little removed from the social aspect of those types of group challenges so it is nice to have an online network supporting you and cheering you on. 

I was really sick from Thursday until today (the first day without a fever), so I focussed more on strength training and yoga in the latter part of this past week. I am hoping to start up the running again tomorrow! Here are a few of the screenshots from my runs with Mino 😊.

Week Three ✅ 

The trouble with working with kids is that I'm constantly catching the new, cold of the week! I'm almost fully recovered and ended the week strong with an aerobic step interval class. I like to think I can dance but these group style classes remind me of my trouble following the leader. Maybe it's actually more reflective of my free soul. Nonetheless, a community mom was offering a free class and so here I am about to step to the beat for the end of this workout week!

Now to put my phone down and get ready to sweat.
Wish me luck!
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Final Week ✅

It's hard to believe that in this last week of May that it's not even summer yet and already I'm preparing for winter... I started teaching this past week and so I'm reminded that I should embrace the ant over the grasshopper qualities... Not to mention that part of that seasonal prep is a great workout (stacking wood).

 This final week also coincides with BC's bike to work week. So, guess what I'll be adding to my daily routine! That's right; I've dusted off my skinny wheels so I can join in with our school spirit as we also unveil a road safety campaign for the event. The banana slugs here are quite abundant and to add to the Slug Crosswalk by our school the student and staff body was asked to draw a self-portrait that will be illustrated within a giant slug speed sign! I can't wait to see the unveiling tomorrow since, in addition to my own self-portrait, I also got to outline every students' work of art for the project (that's over 300 images!).  I will update with a picture after the unveiling.  Not what I expected but the kids love fiding their images!

    As we wind down to the final week of the Workout to Conquer Cancer I am again sadly reminded of why I took on this challenge this morning when I learned of a childhood friend's passing after a battle with lymphoma. It's hard to absorb the reality of the loss, especially in the past couple of years when I have watched more than one loved one lose their own battles with cancer. And, while it feels overwhelming at times, I'm ever so grateful that I have the chance to try and make a positive change through my own actions like raising money for a cause to hopefully lead us toward a cure. 

Thank you to all my supporters so far!
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